Wakanow Referral



The “Wakanow Referral Program” invites all eligible, existing and prospective customers of Wakanow to register for this program on the website. www.wakanow.com. Once you register for the “Wakanow Referral Program”, you are subject to the Terms and Conditions as set out below.



“Wakanow Referral Program” is a program which allows customers of Wakanow.com, who have successfully made bookings or purchased tickets share a “personalized referral link” with their friends, which will in turn qualify them for a Reward on every successful referral.

“Referrer” is a Wakanow customer who elects to obtain and share the “personalized referrer link” assigned to him by Wakanow with his/her friends.

“Referrer” is a person who buys flight tickets or pays for other services and products available on the Wakanow website as offered by Wakanow, which includes, but is not limited to the following: Visas, Hotels, Travel Sim, Travel insurance etc.

“Referral” is a person who has successfully purchased products/services offered on www.wakanow.com by using the personalized referral link shared with him/her.

“Website” refer(s) to www.wakanow.com

“Successful Referral” is when a Referrer refers a friend to purchase products on the Wakanow website, using the personalized referral link.

Friend” is any person(s) who the Referrer has a connection or relationship with.    However, this excludes any person(s)  ……….

“Personalized Referrer Link” is the “unique link” given to, and personalized for a customer by Wakanow, in the form of a banner or text link. The Referrer Link may be sent to the referrer’s friends for easy identification of referrals, which emanate from a particular customer.

“Reward” is the total amount which will be given to a Referrer who has successfully gotten his referral to buy products or services on the Wakanow platformThe Referrer shall be paid a 0.25% margin on every successful sale made via the personalized link given.



To qualify for a Referral or participate as a Referrer, you must be above the age of 18 years (Eighteen) and you must accept the terms and conditions as expatiated herein. All participants must be natural persons.


  • When a Referrer shares his personalized Wakanow referral link with a friend, the Referrer is permitted to use the referral link for: paid promotions and online advertising.
  • Once a person receives a link from a Referrer, he may go ahead to book on www.wakanow.com by clicking on the referral link shared with him.
  • A booking will be deemed successful upon payment for the Wakanow service or product.
  • Please note that the Referrer and the Referral must at all times be different persons.
  • Wakanow will only recognize one eligible booking and payment per referral to count for a referral Reward.

All referral rewards will be collated and paid at the end of each month, to the successful referrer.



  • A Referrer with a “Referral Code” is eligible to earn a referral Reward .
  • The Wakanow Referral program can only be used for personal purposes and not for business. (However, in the event you would like to become an Affiliate for Wakanow please see our Affiliate Portal for more information)
  • Wakanow reserves the right to decide if a Referrer or the referral with a link as duly complied with this Terms and has booked and paid for the products or services offered on wakanow.com.
  • The Referrer will be responsible for any charges, which may arise due to the earning or payout period the Referral Reward.


All Terms in the Terms and Conditions may be reviewed and amended as and when Wakanow.com Limited deems fit.



The Referrer shall ensure the personalized referrer link is shared with only people who are above the age of 18(Eighteen), and have given their consent to receive the link.

The Referrer is only permitted to share the “Personalized Referral Link” with people who are authentic travelers and avoid violating “anti-spam” laws.

In the event the Referrer unlawfully or wrongly forwards a link, the Referrer shall indemnify and hold Wakanow, its directors, officers, employees, successors in title, shareholders and agents harmless, from and against any claims which may arise from any illegal forwarding or sharing of the Referral Link.

The Referrer shall use the personalized link in a responsible and legal manner.

Wakanow reserves the right to disqualify any Referrer or Referral who uses the link inappropriately or in an illegal and unacceptable manner.



The Referrer and the Referral:

  • Hereby warrant that he/she has the right to be bound by these terms and that he/she is eligible to sign up for the “Wakanow Referral Program”
  • Shall comply with any applicable laws, statutes and regulations including but not limited to data protection and anti-spamming laws.
  • Shall not make any false representation by passing himself/herself off as a Wakanow employee, partner or agent, sharing false information or misleading representations or statements.
  • Shall have no right to bind Wakanow to a contract or create any liability whatsoever against Wakanow.
  • Nothing under this terms shall constitute a waiver or delay of Wakanow’s right. to exercise its right on this terms or law.

  • Wakanow reserves the right to terminate the Referral program or nullify the rewards for any reason whatsoever without recourse to anyone.
  • A Referrer and Referral shall have the right to exit the Wakanow Referral Program. Wakanow shall exit such a Referrer and the Referral shall have no rights in such circumstances. Wakanow shall not be liable for such exits or the consequences of such exits.
  • This program shall not constitute a partnership, agency, joint venture, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between Wakanow and the participants.
  • All headings herein, are included for convenience only and shall not be binding in the event of any discrepancy, limit or change of these Terms.
  • Any dispute in connection with the terms of this agreement will be resolved by Wakanow and shall be final and binding.